I have over five years of university teaching experience in Statistics at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and some Mathematics at the undergraduate level. Taught in large (130+ enrolment), medium (70+), and moderate (30+) sized classes. Experienced in teaching culturally and academically diverse groups of students with diverse learning needs.

Following is the list of courses that I had taught at various academic institutions.

Institution Code:

UNCO: University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, USA

UWGB: University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI, USA

UWIN: University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada

DU: University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

YearSemesterCourse TitleEnrollmentInstitution
2015SpringSRM 603: Statistical Methods IIUNCO
2015SpringSRM 608 : Experimental DesignUNCO
2015SpringSRM 650: Research and Statitsics ColloquiumUNCO
2014FallSRM 520: Introduction to Statistical Computing (with SAS) (Nov-Dec)8UNCO
2014FallSRM 602: Statistical Methods I (Online)15UNCO
2014FallSRM 610: Statistical Methods III26UNCO
2014FallSRM 620: Advanced Statistical Programming9UNCO
2014SpringSRM 608 : Experimental Design17UNCO
2014SpringSRM 731: Multivariate Analysis (Theory and Applications)6UNCO
2013FallSRM 520: Introduction to Statistical Computing (with SAS)20UNCO
2013FallSRM 610: Statistical Methods III20UNCO
2013SpringMath 260: Introductory Statistics (Section 4)40UWGB
2013SpringMath 260: Introductory Statistics (Section 3)40UWGB
2013SpringMath 361: Mathematical Statistics20UWGB
2013SummerMath 260: Introductory Statistics18UWGB
2012Winter65-205 Statistics for the Sciences55UWIN
2011Fall65-205 Statistics for the Sciences42UWIN
2010Winter65-205 Statistics for the Sciences90UWIN
2009Fall65-205 Statistics for the Sciences40UWIN
2008Summer65-205 Statistics for the Sciences (Distance Ed)70UWIN
2008Fall62-141 Integral Calculus130UWIN